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That’s what the research shows. Growth like that is proof to automotive aftermarket players that being reactive will get you left behind in today’s uber competitive digital supply chains.

The global automotive aftermarket is moving from reactive to predictive. In the wise ‘ole words of Clark Griswold…

Wait for it…

It’s high time to “Burn some dust. Eat my rubber”.

Best-in-breed businesses are shifting their demand planning strategies into high gear with automotive-built supply chain planning solutions. Are you?

A new article from Supply Chain World outlined some rapid up-/down-shifts happening in the automotive aftermarket parts industry which require your business to hit the gas on predictive technology for supply chain planning, including:

  • Complex distribution channels – omnichannel buying & fulfillment
  • Parts proliferation
  • Continued supply shortages
  • New EPA regulations
  • Demand growth in AI and advanced sensors
  • Competition from marketplaces & OEMs
  • Predictive repair capabilities
  • Seasonal demand planning unknowns

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