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What are the biggest challenges of supply chain management?

6 River Systems, a robotics company focused on revolutionizing fulfillment, put together a nice panel of supply chain pros to discuss the biggest challenges in supply chain management and how to overcome them.

Here’s a sampling of what they listed:

  • Not enough working capital due to overstock scenarios
  • Being able to realistically see and safeguard against unforeseen delays somewhere in the chain
  • The downstream effects from those delays including lost sales
  • Changing customer demands and buying behaviors, especially with the ecommerce last mile race
  • Cost as a deterrent to implementing technology
  • Deciding where to send goods, how much to send and through which channels the goods should be shipped and delivered to minimize the delivery/logistics costs and to maximize sales
  • Automating/digitizing supply chain data
  • Cost control in moving goods on a global scale
  • Shortage of skilled talent
  • Manual processes, waste and costly mistakes in planning – still the status quo
  • Poor communication
  • Sudden emergence of trade disputes and resulting move to a new facility or country for production

Read their full article here.

The Blue Ridge platform is built to address these inefficiencies, uncertainties and communication problems – freeing up significant working capital and embedding agility into supply chains.

If any of these supply chain management challenges are putting a wrench in your business, schedule 15 minutes with one of our experts.