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It’s getting harder – yet more critical – for distribution companies to be nimble and quick in their operations.

Many are considering adding automation and next-gen solutions like robotics, autonomous sortation systems, and automatic storage and retrieval. Or in many cases, it’s just a matter of finding out whether you could still be effective with a smaller distribution facility.

At any rate, now is the perfect time to gut-check your operations. What low-hanging-fruit moves could you make to increase the velocity of your distribution facility? This is particularly important if you have scale.

So today’s topic… Is there value in a getting a Distribution Facility Operations Assessment?

That question was explored in a recent episode of Radwell’s Automation Nation Podcast with guest Howard Coleman of MCA Associates. Why not check it out on your drive home today? You will learn:

  • The main objectives of an assessment,
  • What an assessment IS and what it ISN’T,
  • Practical and useful tips to review before taking action on an assessment

There’s even a helpful offer to optimize your takeaways at the end of the podcast.

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