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Solution delivers singular experience for omnichannel businesses requiring a faster and smarter approach to conquering supply chain complexity —

ATLANTA, May 20, 2021 – Blue Ridge, the leading platform blending supply chain planning and pricing solutions created for resiliency, announced a partnership. with Kӧrber. Alongside its planning and demand shaping solutions, Blue Ridge will provide seamless delivery of Körber’s warehouse management systems (WMS) and supply chain execution solutions. This move gives distributors, retailers and manufacturers a clearer path to future-proofing their business. Pinpoint visibility and accuracy in demand planning and replenishment, alongside integrated capabilities for optimizing warehouse and distribution operations, removes risks and exponentially increases value delivery for their shared customers.

“Planning with execution means that a company’s upstream demand plans will have more realistic expectations and alignments with what’s truly feasible – reducing reliance on tribal knowledge,” said Santhosh Srirambhatla, chief technology officer, Blue Ridge. “Companies that successfully focus their strategies to view planning and execution as a single action will be well-positioned to gain a competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.”

Built on highly configurable technologies with interoperability built-in, the partnership’s combined solution reimagines a company’s adaptability to supply chain complexities and more keenly focuses the decision intelligence lens for smarter and faster responses to the market. Businesses challenged by omnichannel selling, supply problems and new competition now have a powerful and low-risk alternative to what has been historically a large and cumbersome B2B enterprise IT project.

“Optimized supply chain planning is essential to superior and more profitable execution,” said Jim Byrnes, chief executive officer, Blue Ridge. “With execution and planning flowing continuously, support becomes part of execution itself, allowing plans to evolve as uncertainties unfold. Execution decisions and response to unplanned events and forecasts can now be guided by optimized, incremental planning because of this partnership.”

Benefits include:

  • Increased speed and alignment between planning and execution
  • Increased productivity in facilities
  • Improved balance of product, people and assets
  • Improved accuracy on ordering quantities
  • Minimized markdowns and margin erosion
  • Reduced risk in financial and inventory decisions
  • Better anticipation of operational needs across the organization

Kӧrber equips its customers to turn supply chain complexity into opportunity. Its broad range of solutions span software to materials handling equipment. Kӧrber is positioned as a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems.

Blue Ridge innovated a breakthrough product category as the only technology platform combining supply chain planning with price optimization. These two areas of business have been at odds for decades, having been bonused, rewarded and measured on misaligned, and often competing, criteria. This creates enterprise-wide divisiveness – a kind of acrimony that can now be avoided with this proven approach. The company’s award-winning LifeLine™ customer success program ensures quick time-to-value and long-term satisfaction.

About Blue Ridge

Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers and their operations meet. Blue Ridge’s cloud-native integrated planning and pricing platform gives Wholesale Distributors, Specialty Retailers and Discrete Manufacturers app simplicity that uniquely integrates data science-rich inventory forecasting capabilities with price optimization insights. From modeling, right-sizing inventory and seamless collaboration, Blue Ridge bases success off increases in customer profitability and service levels. Learn more at or request a demo at