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Amsterdam / Wijchen- the Netherlands, February 10, 2021

Blue Ridge, a supplier of a platform for supply chain planning and price optimization, will support 4BLUE, the fast-growing wholesaler of solar power systems, in solving its supply chain challenges. The solar market is a young, innovative market that is growing rapidly. Technological improvements in the capacity of solar panels and their dimensions increase a few times a year. Demand and supply chain variability has caused frequent price changes with the availability of raw materials of solar panels and inverters being mainly imported from Asia.

Robert-Paul Evers, founder and Managing Director at 4BLUE: “At 4BLUE we continue to innovate to optimally automate our processes. Procurement and supply chain have faced many new challenges in the past two years. Think of container shortages, extremely changing lead times and price fluctuations on both transportation costs and raw materials. With Blue Ridge we will be able to better understand and anticipate all of these challenges.” Blue Ridge’s supply chain planning platform enables companies to make real-time strategic and tactical decisions based on insight into demand forecasting, supply planning, inventory allocation, replenishment, and pricing. This way, BlueRidge customers can remain maximally customer-oriented and profitable.

Maarten Baltussen, Regional VP Europe at Blue Ridge: “The fast-growing and dynamic solar market is ideally suited to unburdening with the Blue Ridge software. For wholesalers and distributors such as 4BLUE, Blue Ridge approaches the logistics planning challenge based on customer demand. Thanks to this innovative approach it is possible to optimize the exceptions in logistics planning that have the most impact on service levels, resulting in lower inventories, higher service levels and more working capital.”

About 4BLUE

4BLUE is a Dutch wholesaler of complete solar power systems, founded in 2015 by Dennis Gieselaar and Robert-Paul Evers. The company supports the installation sector in the transition to sustainable electricity supply with solar power and stands for quality, direct communication, and long-term relationships. 4BLUE’s ambition is not only to make its customers satisfied, but also to make them enthusiastic. In 2019, 4BLUE received the Gazellen Award from the Financieele Dagblad as one of the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. 4BLUE is part of the Pallieter Group and is located in Wijchen.

About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge’s cloud-based planning & pricing platform provides distributors, wholesalers, retailers, and manufacturers with a supply chain dashboard that organizes a 24/7 demand-driven logistics chain, proactively optimizing inventory and service levels, with suggestions for price optimization. In this way, Blue Ridge customers keep the dynamics of their supply chain under control, and they remain maximally customer-oriented and profitable.