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ATLANTA, Feb. 12, 2019 – Fine wine and spirits importer Frederick Wildman & Sons has selected supply chain planning solutions from Blue Ridge to forecast demand of its products to align with its inventory distribution. Founded in 1934, Frederick Wildman & Sons is recognized as one of North America’s preeminent importers, with a portfolio that includes Gruppo Italiano Vini, Champagne Pol Roger, Famille Hugel, Domaine Olivier Leflaive, Jean-Jacques Vincent/Château Fuissé and Domaine Pascal Jolivet.

Blue Ridge’s cloud-native, distribution-focused forecasting and inventory planning system balances customer needs with business realities like erratic demand from regional uniqueness, forecasting and tracking long lead times for direct import business, seasonality, new product introductions and market fluctuations that put pressure on today’s wine and spirits import and  wholesale distributors.

“Beyond the exceptional profile of our portfolio and the strength of our network, Frederick Wildman & Sons’ performance is also measured by the service provided to the entire chain, from the suppliers all the way to the retailers and restaurants,” said Vincent Renault, Vice President, Operations for Frederick Wildman & Sons. “As an importer and a wholesaler, Demand Planning is a core component of our success. Blue Ridge will allow us to plan demand at every tier of the distribution system with great precision and ensure optimal levels of both inventory and service. The robustness of the solution and the passion and dedication of their entire team were key factors in our decision to choose Blue Ridge as our partner.”

“Frederick Wildman & Sons’ investment in Blue Ridge will help reinforce its reputation for quality products and customer service,” said Jim Byrnes, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ridge. “Adding supply chain planning and forecasting to its operations will ensure that Frederick Wildman’s products get to customers faster, when demand is high.”

The Blue Ridge supply chain platform helps customers reduce costs, improve service levels, and assure product availability to customers without creating a costly inventory surplus. For more information on Blue Ridge’s supply chain expertise in the wine & spirits industry, please visit our resource page.

In December 2018, Frost & Sullivan named Blue Ridge the best cloud-native supply chain planning solution for distributors.

About Wildman & Sons

Frederick Wildman and Sons is a New York based fine wine importer offering the leading properties from France, Italy, Argentina and other regions. The portfolio includes more than 50 brands, including: Pol Roger, Château Fuissé, J.J. Vincent, Chartreuse, Domaine Faiveley, Hecht & Bannier, Famille Hugel, Olivier Leflaive, Pascal Jolivet, and the fine wines of Gruppo Italiano Vini. For more information, visit