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ATLANTA, Feb. 19, 2019 – Blue Ridge Global announced today that wine and spirits distributor Epic Wines & Spirits has selected supply chain planning solutions from Blue Ridge to optimize its wines, beers, and spirits products, imported from all over the world.

Founded in Santa Cruz, Cal. in 1995, Epic Wines & Spirits imports thousands of products via inbound trucks and ocean containers that are distributed throughout the United States.

Blue Ridge’s cloud-based, distribution-focused forecasting and inventory planning system balances customer needs with business realities like tracking and forecasting vintages, improving forecast accuracy, managing long lead times, seasonality, deal management and all the other variables that put pressure on today’s wine and spirits distributors. Epic joins wine and spirits distributors including Athens Distributing Company, Badger Liquor, Frederick Wildman and Sons, Regal Wines, Georgia Crown Distributing Co., Opici Wines, Major Brands, Martignetti, Vectura and more that currently leverage Blue Ridge to improve their operations.

“Blue Ridge’s comprehensive purchase planning platform provides consistency in procurement procedures and streamlines inventory planning. These efficiencies are critical to support Epic’s continued growth and commitment to customer service,” said Justin Sternberg, President of Epic Wines and Spirits. “Their software’s intuitive nature and continuously evolving algorithms are best in class.”

“Epic Wines & Spirits is known for selecting every wine and spirits product based on its quality, innovation and respect for tradition—we believe they take the same qualities into account when selecting their solution providers,” said Jim Byrnes, Chief Executive Officer, Blue Ridge. “Blue Ridge technology is designed to uphold those standards while supporting Epic’s reputation for great service to its customers and distribution partners.”

The Blue Ridge supply chain platform helps customers reduce costs, improve service levels, and assure product availability to customers without creating a costly inventory surplus. For more information on Blue Ridge’s supply chain expertise in the wine and spirits industry, please visit our resource page.

In December 2018, Frost & Sullivan named Blue Ridge the best cloud-native supply chain planning solution for distributors.

About Epic Wines & Spirits

Epic Wines & Spirits, founded in 1995, is guided by a simple prevailing goal: Recognize products that will be cutting-edge tomorrow while paying attention to the needs of our customers and their clients today. The brands of Epic Wines & Spirits are unique, and important to both knowledgeable and emerging wine, beer and spirits consumers. Each product featured in the

Epic portfolio has been specifically selected for its quality, innovation and respect for tradition. For more information, please visit