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ATLANTA , GA – August 01, 2023 – Blue Ridge, a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, is pleased to announce impressive Q2 2023 customer results, highlighting significant overstock reduction (up to 25%), improved forecast accuracy (up to 7%) and increased service levels (up to 3%). These results highlight the significant benefits Blue Ridge solutions bring to businesses. Forecasting sales is key to ensure you have the right product in the right locations to meet consumer demand, a 1% increase in forecast accuracy for every $1B in revenue, can translate into $800K-$1.5M in savings from increased profit and reduced inventory.

Through the utilization of Blue Ridge’s innovative software, organizations are achieving positive return on investment (ROI) in just six months. Blue Ridge’s simple, scalable, and powerful supply chain management solutions allow businesses to break free from spreadsheets and inadequate ERP planning modules, enabling them to leverage a data-driven and AI-powered supply chain planning engine, supported by world-class customer support.

Trusted by distributors, manufacturers, and retailers around the world, Blue Ridge offers a streamlined and easy-to-use solution, along with a strategic LifeLine program. An investment in Blue Ridge includes LifeLine, an advisory team that proactively monitors analytics, performance, opportunities and risks to deliver guidance and maximize ROI. These offerings, combined with proven results, eliminate the guesswork in selecting the right supply chain management partner.

“The Q2 2023 customer results are a testament to the power of our software,” said Dawn Russell, Chief Customer Officer of Blue Ridge. “Our customers have witnessed impressive overstock reduction, enabling them to optimize their inventory levels, improve their demand planning, and achieve significant ROI.” Blue Ridge is proud to partner closely with companies such as Ace Hardware, RaceTrac, Highline Warren, Lohmiller/Carrier West, Breakthru Beverage, and Community Coffee.

Blue Ridge’s technology empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and increased revenue. By simplifying and automating complex supply chain processes, organizations can focus on strategic initiatives and better serve their customers.

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About Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge is a leading provider of supply chain management solutions, offering a comprehensive and easy-to-use software suite. With a data-driven and AI-powered approach, Blue Ridge helps businesses optimize their demand planning, replenishment, and inventory management processes. The company’s focus on customer success, combined with industry-leading support, positions Blue Ridge as a trusted partner for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.



Becky Fox, Product Marketing Manager