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To help ensure rapid user adoption, early return on investment, and ongoing value, Blue Ridge includes our unique LifeLine service team as part of every customer engagement. This team works with yours to monitor activity, provide real-time alerts on problems and opportunities, and takes the extra steps to make sure that your entire supply chain is always performing at optimal levels.

LIFELINE SERVICE - Constant and pro-active engagement

Constant and pro-active engagement

LIFELINE SERVICE - Expert oversight to identify issues & opportunities

Expert oversight to identify issues & opportunities

LifeLine Service - Custom analytics, dashboard and reporting guidance

Custom analytics, dashboard and reporting guidance

LifeLine Service - Strategic, investment-driven analysis

Strategic, investment-driven analysis


The Blue Ridge process is structured and repeatable while providing the flexibility to accommodate the unique requirements of your business. We work closely with your team, using globally-recognized best-practices and a formal communication process to ensure a successful implementation.

As soon as 90 days to results

Proven integration methodology structured for your business

Comprehensive user education, more than system training

24/7/365 monitoring, guidance and continuous support


Go beyond supply chain management services and build organizational value. Blue Ridge can develop custom team development programs and short-term advisory engagements to ensure your team gets the building blocks needed to drive sustainable results. From organizational direction and executive coaching to world-class supply chain education, we tailor a program specifically for your organization.

Introductory, advanced & strategic sessions

‘Hiring Excellence’

‘Good to Great’ programs

KPI-driven, accountability programs

Planning & replenishment leadership programs

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