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Enable complex, customer-centric models – such as mass customization and personalized products at the tail end of production – with an effective cost structure and competitively priced parts, delivered with shorter lead times.

Blue Ridge supports FAS load requirements and scheduling, driven by customer orders vs. forecasting. This allows better customer experiences with a leaner inventory, plus cost-effective benefits along the assembly line.

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With channels to customers rapidly shifting, expanding and adapting, speed is of the essence more than ever before. 

Shortages and substantial price increases — from aluminum to wooden pallets — translate to continued delays in supplier deliveries, labor problems to get input materials to you, and ultimately you having to increase your prices. Now you can predict how cost and price changes will impact your business, relative to real-time demand and availability.

Blue Ridge Pricing Optimization and Lead Time Analysis capabilities give a 360° view into what materials are required, who makes them, and how they reach their destination – integrated into pricing strategies such as a promotion. Understanding what’s behind your supply chain helps you reduce risk while strategically shaping demand and margins.


Accurately Predict Material Costs & Shortages

Break down costly collaboration silos between suppliers, vendors and distributors to re-architect your go-to-market strategy for modern fulfillment models including ecommerce, omnichannel, multi-echelon and direct-to-consumer. 

Blue Ridge frees you from disjointed processes that blur demand signals and drive production decisions based strictly on what retailers tell you. Blue Ridge IBP connects resellers, retailers, distribution centers, plants or manufacturing facilities, and warehouses to accurate, real-time demand signals. So you can move more of the right products faster, through all possible channels, at a lower cost.

Amazon, eBay and others are closing the gap between you and your end-customer at breakneck pace. Armed with transparent pricing data, customers demand deeper discounts and better promotions on more commoditized products. 

Blue Ridge empowers collaboration with retailers and your networks to right-price products across broad assortments, leverage alternative fulfillment resources, and capture a larger share of the value chain. For example, use practical “what-if” scenario tools and competitive price monitoring to quickly adjust overpriced items, set up dynamic pricing based on customer willingness-to-pay, and raise prices on popular items to shape demand and profits.

Your industry has over half a million job openings. The talent shortage on specialized roles such as welders and machinists, and even entry-level positions, is driving up wages you didn’t plan for. Invest in growth, vs. apologizing and putting out fires.

Blue Ridge’s Capacity Planning/Capacity Management makes it super-simple to visualize resource requirements for your distribution centers or facilities and allocate inventory smarter. Less risk of missed schedules, broken customer promises 
and lost sales. 

Get Reliable Demand Signals for Omnichannel

Fend off Pricing Pressures

Mitigate the Costs of Labor Shortages & Transfers

• Real-time accessibility
• Actionable data science-rich analytics and dashboards
• All stakeholders operating from the same page
• Right balance between inventory, service levels and profitability
• Seamless configuration within Blue Ridge’s Supply Chain Planning 
and Pricing Optimization platform
• 90-day time-to-value

Blue Ridge’s broader IBP solution encompasses Final Assembly Scheduling, Rough Cut Capacity Planning, and Production Optimization management to create agility and stay ahead of your rapidly evolving production and omnichannel fulfillment needs.

Expanded Solutions for Integrated Business Planning: 
A More Complete and AI-Powered Enterprise-wide Plan

The shift to ecommerce and omnichannel has prompted manufacturers to grow the distribution side of their business. As a result, the same complexities that have plagued distributors for years are now your problem, too. Resiliency-built demand sensing and shaping software that use AI in the cloud have become table stakes for growth. 

The established leader in cloud-native supply chain planning and pricing solutions for distributors now brings these capabilities to discrete manufacturers, alongside Production Optimization, Rough Cut Capacity Planning and Final Assembly Scheduling (FAS). Blue Ridge creates the agility you need to power your business forward with next-gen operational excellence, collaboration and rich decision intelligence.

Smart, AI-Based Planning & Pricing Optimization for Today’s Digital Supply Chains

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“With a second-to-none track record of delivering industry-leading ROI for demand planning and pricing, we are thrilled to bring advanced capacity and production planning, alongside our proven IBP solution, to power discrete manufacturers forward through today’s market challenges.”

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“Our ability to give discrete manufacturers the same accurate decision intelligence and cloud-based supply chain planning and pricing alignment we’ve mastered for our distribution clients supports key initiatives facing the manufacturing vertical. They include the need to execute effectively across an ever-growing number of consumer buying channels, broadening consumer options, and greater overall transparency for the production and distribution of their finished goods.”


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