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A Single Version of 
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Intelligence + Automation = 
Visibility, Agility, Results  

By translating a precise customer demand signal into a complete, unified demand and supply plan, the Blue Ridge cloud-native supply chain solution provides retailers and distributors the foundation for coordinating requirements for fulfilling demand.  With a single version of ‘demand truth’, there is now a path for internal planning and execution that drives greater sales and profit. A precise, unified demand and supply plan when combined with a sound process to coordinate requirements across the enterprise, will ultimately drive improved execution that provides improved inventory productivity, increased product availability & sales, enhanced customer satisfaction and greater cash flow & gross margin.

Blue Ridge Next-Generation Integrated Business Planning:

Blue Ridge supply chain solutions are the most accurate way for retailers and distributors to spot changes in customer demand before they happen. Traditional forecasting and planning solutions weren’t designed to keep up with today’s increasingly unpredictable consumer behavior. In a world where the only constant is change, Blue Ridge provides more certainty, more speed, and more assurance – so companies can see the why behind the buy and respond faster to the unexpected. Building off our market leading Supply Chain Planning Solutions, Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is a next generation integrated business planning solution which supports the orchestration of profit oriented, multi enterprise convergence that synchronizes the revenue, demand supply and financial plans. 

Greater Inventory Turns  

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There’s an old saying, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” Running your (retail or distribution) business without an integrated business
plan is sort of like that. You are constantly in a reactionary mode. The Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning product enables the IBP process that integrates the
balance of demand and supply/purchasing plans with the financial plan in a more profit-driven process that makes it easy for previously siloed functional areas to agree on the “one operational plan”. 

Let’s face it, inventory is your biggest asset. You are empowering your demand and purchasing planners to invest millions of dollars of your company’s in inventory. Having good statistical forecasting and replenishment optimization tools gets you a long way toward an efficient and profitable inventory investment, but the human side
of the forecasting and planning process is a critical piece that does not receive the attention it deserves. If you are not using a disciplined approach to IBP with a tool set
that supports the process it is a ‘hit & miss’ approach to achieving a plan that supports the financial plan. Back-office, hallway conversations are not a consistent way to create the consensus operating plan that ensures the demand, purchase and financial plans are in alignment with company goals. This is “integration” in the truest sense of the word with different functional silos working in a defined process. 

Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning enables your planning team to bridge across functional silos with our next generation IBP solution.

Improved Forecast Accuracy

There are multiple facets to “the forecast.” Getting to the consensus version of the truth for your key items is not necessarily just accepting the forecast generated by the statistical forecast model. There are multiple perspectives that should be rationalized including the statistical demand forecast, sales forecast that includes demand shaping activities like promotions and the financial forecast. Reconciling the various perspectives on the forecast for key items will improve your forecast accuracy. It goes to accountability. The Blue Ridge IBP solution is a flexible, easy to use tool that enables key decision makers to
ensure the demand plan is in synch with your company’s financial projection. Improving forecast accuracy includes making better predictions when everyone is on the same
page as well as tracking the progress of the plan versus actuals with the ability to make important course corrections. The cross-department collaboration enabled by IBP enables better trend prediction, improved responsiveness to shifts in market conditions and the ability to intelligently shape demand.

Improved Customer Service Levels

The mature level of collaborative planning enabled by the Blue Ridge IBP solution leads to improvement in customer service. With the visibility and alignment enabled by IBP
the whole company is working and aligned around a single set of operational objectives. Better in-stock and service levels are a natural consequence of better forecast accuracy and an economically optimized purchase plan. 

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Our Integrated Business Planning solution enables you to craft the one, consensus operational plan for your business that ensures accountability across functional silos. 

The IBP solution is highly configurable and completely integrated with cloud-native, Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning which enables industry leading speed to implementation and ROI. Blue Ridge IBP enables real-time scenarios and simulation. The next generation and industry differentiating features are designed with distribution wholesale and retail enterprises in mind. Our unified, intuitive user experience brings “app-like” simplicity to the planning process. As with all Blue Ridge solutions, your success is ensured through our industry leading LifelineTM advantage. 

Blue Ridge IBP Makes the Future More Foreseeable 
Through the Following Core Solution Tenants

Improved Profitability

Early collaborative planning tools that supported S&OP processes originally helped balance demand and supply plans but sometimes the cost was prohibitive. The supply/
purchasing plan needs up-front collaboration with the demand plan so the inventory investment is economically balanced and ready to support the operational plan without having to resort to expensive expediting. The Blue Ridge next generation IBP collaborative planning tools make it easy to include planning views for all of the operational silos including the financial plan. Smarter planning enables better purchasing which equals
better profitability.