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There are so many elements that go into operationalizing a manufacturing company. One of the biggest challenges experienced is “making sure the manufacturing business has the right product in the right place at the right time.” If you don’t have this under control it can result in a big waste of time and money.

Women and Manufacturing Podcast Host Frances Brunell, along with our very own Tracy Coon, recently took the mic to share the solution to this problem.

An Education and LifeLine Consultant with Blue Ridge, Tracy gives some solid strategies for manufacturing companies to optimize their supply chain processes, understand and utilize their data, and manage inventory operations across multiple locations. She also talks us through one of her favorite real-world examples of how the Blue Ridge platform improved the processes of a particular company and the positive changes that the company saw as a result.

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If you think your company’s supply chain operational processes need a revamp, consider how software solutions can benefit your manufacturing company…

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