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ATLANTA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Blue Ridge, a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions, and Plative, a premier consulting firm specializing in CRM and ERP solutions, proudly announce their strategic partnership. The collaboration between Blue Ridge and Plative marks a significant milestone in delivering comprehensive and innovative solutions to businesses navigating the complexities of supply chain management.

With Blue Ridge’s cutting-edge supply chain planning technology and Plative’s expertise in business consulting across various platforms including Salesforce, AWS, and NetSuite, this partnership aims to empower organizations with robust tools and consulting services to optimize their supply chains, enhance operational efficiencies, and drive sustainable growth.

“We are thrilled to partner with Plative, a company that shares our dedication to transforming businesses through technology,” stated Kyle Pexton, CEO of Blue Ridge. “Plative’s expertise in business consulting across multiple platforms combined with our advanced supply chain planning solutions will equip businesses with the tools and guidance needed to thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape.”

Blue Ridge’s supply chain planning solutions enable organizations to predict demand accurately, optimize inventory ordering, and ensure profitable stock levels across the supply network, fostering resilience and agility within supply chains. Plative’s proven track record in business consulting and delivering successful supply chain integrations aligns seamlessly with Blue Ridge’s mission to drive customer success through innovation and expertise.

The partnership will focus on joint initiatives to deliver end-to-end solutions that enhance visibility, agility, and decision-making within supply chain operations. Clients can expect a seamless integration of Blue Ridge’s innovative technology with Plative’s consulting expertise, resulting in accelerated digital transformations and increased operational efficiencies.

Together, Blue Ridge and Plative will provide unparalleled support to organizations seeking to optimize their supply chains, minimize risks, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

About Blue Ridge:

Blue Ridge is a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions, offering a comprehensive and easy-to-use software suite. With a data-driven and AI-powered approach, Blue Ridge helps businesses optimize their demand planning, replenishment, and inventory management processes. The company’s focus on customer success, combined with industry-leading support, positions Blue Ridge as a trusted partner for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide. For more information, visit