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ATLANTA, GA – (BUSINESS WIRE) – October 31, 2023 – RDP Foodservice, one of the industry’s leading independent food distribution companies and a proud member of UniPro, is pleased to announce a significant enhancement in their supply chain operations through their recent partnership with Blue Ridge, a leading supply chain planning solution provider.

As a UniPro member, RDP Foodservice has always been committed to delivering high-quality products and services to their valued customers. This partnership with Blue Ridge exemplifies their continued dedication to innovation and efficiency in supply chain planning.

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Solution: Transforming the Way RDP Operates

Blue Ridge’s cutting-edge supply chain planning solution empowers RDP Foodservice to optimize its supply chain operations. With Blue Ridge, RDP can expect to streamline demand forecasting, replenishment optimization, and enhance overall supply chain efficiency.

The comprehensive supply chain solution from Blue Ridge will enable RDP Foodservice to:

  • Automate the process to predict customer demand to ensure products will continue to be readily available.
  • Optimize inventory management to reduce carrying and acquisition costs while maintaining product availability.
  • Enhance overall supply chain efficiency, forecasting lead times and improving order fulfillment.

A Uniting Force in UniPro

With over 360 members, UniPro Foodservice, Inc. is the largest foodservice distribution cooperative in the United States. They provide nationwide access to exclusive purchasing opportunities with the country’s premier suppliers.  RDP and Blue Ridge in combination with UniPro are committed to providing exceptional service to the foodservice industry and joint customers across the network.

About RDP Foodservice:

RDP Foodservice is a leading food distribution company dedicated to providing high-quality products and services to customers throughout Ohio, into Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania and increasingly into additional markets. As a proud member of UniPro, RDP Foodservice strives for excellence and continuous improvement in the food distribution industry.

About Blue Ridge:

Blue Ridge is a leading provider of supply chain planning solutions, offering a comprehensive and easy-to-use software suite. With a data-driven and AI-powered approach, Blue Ridge helps businesses optimize their demand planning, replenishment, and inventory management processes. The company’s focus on customer success, combined with industry-leading support, positions Blue Ridge as a trusted partner for distributors, manufacturers, and retailers worldwide.


Becky Fox, Product Marketing Manager