Don’t Guess.
Foresee and Execute.

Resilience begins with clarity of all the moving parts.

The right blend of science and decision-making expertise paints the complete picture of what drives cost and opportunity. So you can gain control over both.

Improve Service Levels without Growing Inventory

Inventory represents 60-80% of working capital and inventory dollars. It’s time to manage that asset with proven science - not guesses and safety stock. Intelligently constructed Planning tools reduce the overall cost to deliver positive customer experiences. Redefine the true inventory requirement with intuitive analytics/BI dashboards, even when rapid change is at play.

Pure Demand and Supply Symmetry

Supply Chain Planning

Forecast accuracy is your center of gravity. Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning pinpoints that fine line between “stocking up” and “stocking out”. Pure demand-and-supply symmetry.

These tools take the mystery and risk out of seasonal, slow or intermittent items; promotions; new and obsolete items; investment buys; competitive threats and more. The optimal forecast considering all the unique dynamics of the business -- packed into a daily, automated plan for peak service levels, sales revenue, margins and profits.

Holistic View into Allocation and Replenishment

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO)

Analyze your entire supply chain network as a single, holistic unit with one goal: ensure great service in any location or channel, in the most efficient and profitable way. Blue Ridge Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization gives you precise calculations that inform the daily need for inventory, no matter where it happens.

MEIO automates time-consuming daily tasks like data mining from your ERP for transfers and replenishment orders. It’s the smartest way to foresee and execute on demand across locations and channels - within the confines of store order schedules, supplier capacity, holidays, promotions, weather and seasonality, buying minimums/maximums, lead times and more.

Sales and Operations (S&OP) Synchronization

Integrated Business Planning

Narrow the costly gap between Sales and Operations goals and Forecasting realities. Make informed, collaborative decisions across functional silos, establish accountability, reduce risk and act swiftly on new opportunities.

With a unified, “app-like” simplicity, Blue Ridge Integrated Business Planning breaks down walls to deliver a truly agile and collaborative planning experience in the cloud. Align the revenue, demand, supply and financial plans. And craft the one consensus operational plan focused on market agility and speed to ROI.

Validate Your Decisions with Rich Dashboard Insights

Analytics and BI/Benchmarking

Blue Ridge Planning's rich Analytics and BI/Benchmarking Dashboards deliver highly agile experiences. Unified, cloud-native capabilities integrated with Exception-Driven Dashboards and BI tools validate your decisions, while putting much back into your day. Sophisticated insights uncover opportunities to continually reduce costs and grow sales and margin for hundreds of thousands of products, across multiple sales channels and locations.

Which Planning Solution Do You Need Right Now?

Blue Ridge Planning offers flexible options uniquely designed to start with the capabilities you need,
then assemble new pieces only when it makes sense.


Supply Chain Planning


Supply Chain Planning

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization


Supply Chain Planning

Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Integrated Business Planning for S&OP

Fully Configurable Platform

[Nothing Standing in Your Way]

Our Enterprise suite extends value, by design. Highly configurable. Backed by our LifeLine Consultants and an extensive connectivity network. A platform with everything you need to bypass IT hurdles and grab opportunities with industry-fastest time to value.


Find the optimal price for every
item, location, channel and
customer. And use pricing
science to shape demand.

Planning + Pricing

When you combine the power
of Planning and Pricing,
nothing stands in your
way of rapid results.

Planning FAQ

End-to-end simulation planning and optimization highlights the importance of how one decision can impact the performance of many factors and trade-offs to find the proper balance in achieving the business goals.

Blue Ridge brings to you LifeLine support, which encompasses in initial implementation, ongoing identification of continuous improvement opportunities, and industry benchmarks for comparison purposes. For successful implementation we suggest management commitment, IT, Planning, Procurement, Finance and Logistics sponsorship on as-needed basis, based on the successes of our clients.

The platform is designed for flexible configurability that can be up and running to support your Sales & Operations Planning process in a matter of weeks.

The Blue Ridge Planning solution typically utilizes planning hierarchies at product, location, and customer segmentation level.

To plan effectively, Blue Ridge requires inputs on customer orders, existing inventory levels, safety stock, and re-order point criteria for items, open purchase orders, past order and item demand history, a future demand forecast, any promotional plans you may have.

The Blue Ridge Planning solution supports 15 different planning time periods, which are configurable. The solution provides three separate planning views for Sales Planning, Finance Planning and Operational Consensus.

Forecast accuracy is improved and measured using various advanced statistical modeling, complemented by profiling and attribute forecasting​. The improvements are recognized in improved sales, margins and working capital savings.

Suggested transfer, replenishment and work orders are recommended by the system as actionable items. Exception processing is handled through alerts, which can be communicated to inside and outside the organization in a collaborative manner for suppliers and customers to resolve discrepancies.

The solution utilizes ERP inputs on Item Master, Source of supply, Demand, Open Orders, Events, Stock Status, Kits, Product and Distribution Structures and any Linked Items. The output is recommended replenishment orders, transfer orders, work orders, and updated safety stocks and re-order points across a multi-tier distribution network.

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