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Ask the manager of any demand planning team and they’ll gladly jump on the opportunity to implement modern planning technology, especially with the power of AI and machine learning pushing forecast accuracy upwards of 99%+.

But then someone in a window office undoubtedly drops the dreaded question, “What’s the ROI of supply chain planning solutions?” We figured it was time to share some war stories and results which you can take back to those with the purse strings.

Any distributor looking for some excellent fodder for this discussion MUST watch this Blue Ridge webinar, which took place on November 11, 2020. The replay is now available here.

Presenters shared 3 examples of distributors that used supply chain planning solutions to overcome the age-old Catch-22 of sacrificing working capital for better service levels, -or- better service levels for less working capital. With a lightning-fast time to ROI.