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Atlanta, June 15, 2021 – Dawn Russell, Vice President of Customer Experience at Blue Ridge, the leading platform blending supply chain planning and pricing solutions created for resiliency, oversees customer success in platform integration, adoption, technology enhancements, supply chain analytics, and overall customer satisfaction.

Russell is a results-oriented supply chain/IT professional with 20 years of experience driving growth, consulting, analytics and deliverables, and planning productivity for diverse organizations. Prior to joining Blue Ridge, Russell was VP of Development and Customer Success with Izenda, where she was responsible for product management, product development, onboarding and support initiatives across the company to deliver outstanding customer value. Prior to that, Dawn applied her management skills at NCO, Stratose, QBE FIRST, and Trauner, Cohen & Thomas LLP.

Blue Ridge creates value faster with frictionless technology assembly and LifeLine, its white-glove aftercare customer success program. “LifeLine gets our customers up and running with market-critical technology in as little as 90 days,” Russell shared. “Our ability to create real, sustainable ROI without the long and painful IT project is what sets Blue Ridge apart. We focus far beyond the installation; personalized ongoing monitoring and recommendations give our clients full access to industry-specific best practices to ensure continuous, measurable results and market agility, with less risk.”

Russell explained, “Unlike horizontal solutions that try to be ‘everything to everyone,’ Blue Ridge uniquely staffs consultants who are experts in key industry verticals. They deliver veteran experience in the unique challenges and trends each customer is facing to create rapid value and long-term ROI with the platform.” LifeLine is a strong market differentiator and the key reason for zero failed implementations and 98% retention.

About Blue Ridge

Achieving a resilient supply chain sits at the intersection of demand, price, and inventory – where a company’s customers, suppliers, and their operations meet. Blue Ridge’s cloud-native integrated planning and pricing platform gives Wholesale Distributors, Specialty Retailers and Discrete Manufacturers app simplicity that uniquely integrates data science-rich inventory forecasting capabilities with price optimization insights. From modeling, right-sizing inventory and seamless collaboration, Blue Ridge bases success off increases in customer profitability and service levels. Learn more at or request a demo at