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Working capital is something most distributors need even more of to fulfill changes in customer demand, new selling channels and other challenges that are out of their control. Advanced inventory planning technologies can solve this, but where do you start? And is it really worth it?

Don’t miss this made-for-distributors webinar – Blue Ridge will share the journey and ROI of 3 distributor customers who contemplated:

  • How to support increasing & variable customer demand while reducing working capital,
  • Why and when to make the jump to advanced forecasting, inventory replenishment & pricing solutions,
  • What criteria should distributors consider in evaluating these systems vs. using an ERP
  • What ROI & time to value can you expect from advanced planning & pricing systems?

“WAR STORIES IN INVENTORY PLANNING: 3 Distributors’ Journeys to Better Service Levels with Less Inventory”

This webinar ran on Wednesday, Nov. 11, 2020. View the replay now: