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Whether it’s a pandemic, a hurricane or a space invasion, one thing we can all agree on is that last spring knocked us all on our @$$e$ like a long night with Absinth!

As a wine and spirits distributor, you most likely found your business in a bittersweet predicament. Day-drinking and sales in general went through the roof (Yay!), while soaring supply challenges muddled demand forecasting (Boo!). It was a rude awakening, but the supply chain events of 2020 taught a vital and permanent lesson about disruption:

Business resiliency MUST be a top technology priority for wine and spirits distribution businesses in 2021 and beyond.

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Supply Chain Agility: Lessons Learned From A Wine & Spirits Mastermind 

While the supply chain agility strategy to retool production operations can be challenging, 
it can also present company history-changing opportunities. Strong supplier 
management will be key.

Martignetti Companies 
Customer Video

Blue Ridge took time to understand the pressures Martignetti has to satisfy their customers. Watch how they use Blue Ridge solutions to drive real results including efficiency gains, driving down days of supply and limiting out-of-stocks.

Watch a short video to see how Blue Ridge supply chain planning solutions can help 
Wine & Spirits Distributors achieve a 
more foreseeable future.

Wine & Spirits 
Expertise Video

Increase Margin 
& Profit

The Yield is Impressive.

Increase Sales & 
Product Availability

Ease of

Understand product relationships like groups, lines, selling channels and families. Optimize profits through bundles, part substitutes and good-better-best scenario planning. 
Segment prices and easily modify over 
time to improve results.


Our Wine & Spirits Distribution Customers

The Perfect Pairing

Artfully blend wine and spirits demand sensing capabilities with machine learning-based pricing tools. Optimize prices across growing assortments, locations and channels. Find competitive threats. Proactively simulate the outcome of price changes. Continually refine prices to strategically shape demand and produce new revenue streams/profit margins.

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Wine and Spirits Growth Trends and Benchmarks

  • The wine and spirits industry’s overall performance month-over-month was up from 84.0% to 85.1% (Feb. to March 2020) 

  • This compares to a drop from 83.4% down to 81.8% in our total customer base in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific

  • Wine and Spirits is the only industry vertical with an overall improvement, compared to Durable Goods, down 1.2%; Food and Beverage, down 2.0%; Other, down 2.5%; and worst performer Specialty Retail, down 3.6%

Blue Ridge works with some of the largest wine and spirits distributors to build resilient supply chains through Supply Chain Planning solutions. It’s our wheelhouse.

We tracked the following trends with customers in your space, as they scrambled to stabilize erratic demand and volatility over the past year:

Raise a toast. Now you can proactively manage variable lead times, political buys, seasonality and deals to pour more accuracy into your demand forecasts. SCP yields rapid value through reduced stockouts and overstock-related costs, while improving service levels, sales and revenue margins.

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Feeling stuck in your inventory decisions? Need to respond faster to changes and opportunities?

In these and other uncertain times, Blue Ridge SCP allows you to effectively stabilize chaos, manage risk with seasonal or erratic demand, negotiate effectively with suppliers, eliminate planning inefficiencies, and more to uncork new profit potential.

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Actual Humans Proactively Monitor & Continuously Refine Results








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Wine & Spirits Distribution Supply Chain Trends & Best Practices

The wine and spirits distribution trends of 2020 were a reminder that best demand planning practices start with supply chain resiliency.

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